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Cassandra Tarentino
Robert Willett
Stefanie Fox
Jeffrey Betz
Per Ralamb
Lawrence Morris


Hilltop Church PNC Reports

PNC Update November 2021

The PNC gracefully welcomes Rev. Dr. Merideth Mueller-Bolton as our interim pastor at Hilltop.  We have met with her and are energized by her wisdom, thoughtfulness and leadership.  Our committee continues to make progress in our discernment, recently downloading and reviewing an additional 97 Pastor Information Forms (PIF) that were matched to us.  This almost doubles the number of candidates we have seen, as we have read close to 150 PIFs to date.  Additionally, we have had 15 enlightening conversations with potential pastors, a few that have been very fruitful.  The PNC has experienced great disappointment as well.  After conducting in-depth discussions with several candidates, some followed God's will to a call other than Hilltop.  We carry on with hope and dedication to our faithful congregation.  Continued appreciation for your support and prayers.  Jeffrey Betz, Stefanie Fox, Per Ralamb, Cassandra Tarentino, Bob Willett

December 2020 Greetings, 

As 2020 draws to a close, the Pastoral Nominating Committee wanted to provide a brief update on our progress with the pastoral search. With much prayerful discussion, we have completed the Minister Information Form (MIF), which is essentially an in-depth job description that highlights not only responsibilities required of our pastor, but also, just as important, the leadership characteristics desired of a potential candidate. The MIF includes vital information about our congregationís strengths and challenges as well. This MIF has been uploaded in the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) database housed in Louisville, KY, where it is matched with pastors who are seeking a new call. We are ready to conduct interviews and will begin as soon as we receive compatible Pastor Information Forms (PIFs), hopefully early in the new year. 

Once our interviews begin, our committee will be evaluating candidates in the following areas: leadership skills, approach to job responsibilities, faith and calling, compassion, and work-life balance. These topics cover much of the criteria needed to lead Hilltop Church into the next chapter of our story. Related questions should provide many varied opportunities for a candidate to demonstrate their compatibility with our congregation. As we narrow our candidate pool, we will work with Presbytery to check references and eventually present a candidate to the congregation for election. Until that point, the PNC works confidentially within our group and a liaison from Presbytery. 

We appreciate your understanding that this process is not one to be rushed. Your prayers for and faith in the PNC to successfully represent our Hilltop family during this search is valued greatly. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us on the PNC. You can also find updates on our website at  

In Christís love- 

Jeffrey Betz
Lin Perkins
Bob Willett   
Cassandra Tarentino
Per Ralamb
Stefanie Fox 


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