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Our Organ


Our Organ and Musical Instruments

Peter Pfunke, Organ Builder and Bob Willis, Organ Curator

Background music, Peter Pfunke Organ Dedication, May 4, 2003

The Hilltop Church has a new Steinway piano, a five octave set of Malmark handbells, a set of White chapel handbells, and a three octave set of Malmark choir chimes with additional bass chimes in addition to the sanctuary organ.

Hilltop Church has a long history of organ music starting in the late 19th Century.  The earliest written history mentions an organ, located in the balcony, used at the 150th anniversary in 1888.  The first sanctuary organ was a small organ on the south side of the pulpit.  It was installed around 1910 when the church was electrified.  By 1919, the organ had been expanded to fill the area behind the pulpit where the current organ resides.  This organ was replaced with a new organ built by the Hartman-Beaty Organ Company and dedicated October 10, 1971.

The Hartman-Beaty organ had 29 pipe ranks, approximately 1600 pipes and a two manual console with 50 stops.  By 1997, the electromechanical console and pipe switches had severe problems with wear and reliability.

A group of 13 volunteers, led by Peter Pfunke, took on the task of repairing and upgrading the organ.  The old console was replaced by a three manual, 80-stop console built by volunteers from a surplus console used in a Philadelphia church.  A modern console computer from Classic Organ Works replaced the original electromechanical combination action, and a pipe control computer replaced the old pipe relays and switches.  Three new ranks of pipes were added along with 29 Trumpets en Chamade, and Zimbelstern.  A new ventilation system was installed for tuning uniformity, and hot water heat was added to keep the organ in tune on cold winter Sundays.  The original organ case was never finished due to lack of funds.  But the volunteers completely removed the front of the organ and built a new faηade in a style to match the sanctuary.

A new gallery organ was built from donated pipes, wind chests, blower, and regulators in the balcony.  The console, custom electronics, and organ case were designed by Peter Pfunke and built by the volunteers.  This organ has a single manual, 12-stop console, with 7 wind chests, 422 pipes, and a set of chimes salvaged from the original sanctuary organ.  This organ is integrated with the sanctuary organ so it can be played alone for special occasions, or be played from the sanctuary organ console.

The organ project took six years and 13 volunteers providing over 8,000 hours, many small and large donations of material, pipes, keyboards, blowers, regulators, miles of wire, and contributions for the new computer controllers and trumpets.

The finished organ now consists of a three manual, 80-stop console, 39 ranks, and 2141 pipes.   The addition of the computer controllers and the integration of the two organs give our organist the flexibility for music not possible before, such as antiphonal, toccata, fugue compositions as well as anthems, concerts, holiday services and hymns.

The console computer was equipped with a MIDI interface and in 2014 this interface was connected to a Viscount CM-100 synthesizer, amplifiers and speakers to add a new Choir division with 8 ranks, and four additional ranks to the Pedal, Swell and Great divisions.


32' Subbass*

32' Lieblich Gedeckt*
16' Open Wood*
16' Principal*
16' Violone*
16' Subbass
16' Gallery Gedeckt
8' Principal
8' Gallery Gedeckt
4' Coral Bass
Mixture III
32' Posaune*
16' Fagotta
16' Dulzian
8' Trumpet
4' Dulzian
Great to Pedal 8'
Swell to Pedal 8'

Swell to Pedal 4'

Choir to Pedal 8'
Choir to Pedal 4'
Gallery on Pedal 8'


16' Lieblich Gedeckt 8’ Holzgedeckt 8’ Bourdon en Bois 8' Doppel Flφte*
8' Prestant 8’ Spitz Viole 4’ Principal 8' Viola Pomposa*
8' Pφmmer 8’ Viole Celeste 4’ Block Flφte 8' Viola Celeste*
8’ FlΫte Harmonic 4’ Spitz Principal 2 2/3’ Nasard 8' Flauto Dolce*
4’ Octav 2’ Octav 2’ Octave 8' Flauto Dolce Celeste*
4’ Rohrflφte 1 1/3’ Quinte 8’ Clarinet 4' Wald Flφte*
4’ FlΫte Octaviante 1' Fife 8' Tuba Mirabilis*
2’ Gemshorn Sharf III 8' Vox Humana*
2’ FlΫte A Bec 16’ Dulzian Tremulant
Mixture III 8’ Trumpet
Sequi Altera II 8' Dulzian
8’ Trompett en Chamade 8' Hautbois*
Tremulant 8’ Krumhorn
16' Trompette en Chamade
8' Trompette en Chamade
4' Trompette en Chamade
* Electronic Voice



Swell to Great 16’ Swell to Swell 16’ Swell to Choir 8'
Swell to Great 8’ Swell Unison Off Swell to Choir 4'
Swell to Great 4’ Swell to Swell 4’ Gallery on Choir 8'
Choir to Great 8'
Choir to Great 4'
Gallery on Great 8’
Gallery Chimes

Contributed by Robert Willis, Organ Curator

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