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Mission Star

     From time to time, the Mission, Service and Benevolence Area of Ministry recognizes a shining
     example of such a life of loving service through the presentation of a Mission Star.  Today, on
     this very special day in the life of our church, we are honoring the many years of caring work by
     one of our members an individual whose quiet dedication, whose wisdom, hard work, and
     talent have been given not only to our church but to the wider community continuously for so
     many decades and with such humility. 

Doug Beal
Mission Star 2019

     Mr. Beal was a vital member of the Neighborhood House Saturday Tutoring program for years.
     I believe He made his biggest impact when he used his Scientific knowledge to teach the
     students all about the scientific process.  Mr. Beal started the Science Program when he noticed
     a growing number of students were asking for help with their school projects.  He worked with
     the children every Saturday from October until May and brought them to a competition in
     Parsippany.  He also spent many hours brainstorming and preparing lessons for the students.
     I was first introduced to Mr. Beal in my 8th grade year when he served as my confirmation mentor.
     Since that time he has helped me to see the value in mission work and has inspired me and the
     students at the Neighborhood House.

Christopher Gammon February 10, 2019


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