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 International Mission Ministries


Good Shepherd Academy of Cameroon


Good Shepherd Academy of Cameroon - Every parent's nightmare: A child starts out for school . . . but never arrives. Come to church on Sunday, March 22 and hear the Rev. Elizabeth Geitz, a founding board member of the Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon, talk about the Academy's goals during an extended Moment for Mission and a "cake and coffee" reception at Hilltop House following the service. The Good Shepherd Academy, an integral part of the Good Shepherd Home ministry to orphaned Cameroon children, is part of Hilltop's international mission outreach and is actively supported by the sisters of the St John Baptist Convent in Mendham.

While many children, orphaned by Aids, have found refuge from homelessness, hunger and lack of medical care in the Good Shepherd Home, many other local children face dangers unimaginable to most of us during the simple process of walking to school. Rev. Geitz tells that "where our school is, children face kidnapping, not by Boko Haram, but by human traffickers for purposes of forced servitude, prostitution, or body parts which are traded for witchcraft. Our child was going to be murdered for his body parts. Only by the grace of God he escaped". The Academy will provide secure residential schooling for these at risk children.

The MSB Committee considers support of international service agencies with ties to our community or our Presbytery, such as Maggie Doyne's Kopila Valley School and the Good Shepherd Home/Academy, to be a very high priority.  See you on the 22nd.



Bread for the World – Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. The global crisis of rising food prices is causing immense human suffering. Recent spikes in the cost of staple foods like rice, wheat, and corn mean that hundreds of millions of poor people are struggling more than ever to feed their families. The World Bank estimates that 100 million people are at risk of falling into further poverty. 

By changing policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to exist, Bread for the World provides help and opportunity far beyond the communities where we live. Hilltop Church is an active participant in the Offering of Letters which annually advocates with state and federal legislators for programs that will make real improvements in the ability of poor people around the world to feed their families. Visit the website at

For more information, contact Mission Liaison Russ Hall 973-895-3143.



Church World Service - From a highly focused, but limited, mission in 1947 – delivering surplus US farm crops to people in war-torn Europe – Church World Service, a coalition of 36 Christian communions working in partnership with over 400 local faith based organizations in over 80 countries and 4000 US local hunger fighting initiatives, has consistently expanded the scope of it fight against world hunger. Its programs now include response to natural and human caused disasters, support of longer term social and economic development initiatives and assistance to refugees and internally-displaced persons. In an effort to respond to the underlying causes of world economic and social problems, Church World Service is actively engaged in broad-based education and advocacy and in the promotion of theological and reconciling dialogue among established community and religious institutions. Visit their website at

For more information, contact Mission Liaison, Russ Hall 973-895-3143.


Heifer International - "Not a cup, but a cow." – An elegantly simple quotation from Heifer International’s founder summarizes that organization’s approach to long term sustainable economic development. Giving poor people livestock and providing them with the appropriate animal husbandry training equips them with a means of self-reliance. The second step in the process, "passing the gift", obligates the recipient family to share their animals’ offspring and the training with neighboring families. Taken together, the two steps represent Heifer’s basic, time-honored strategy for fighting world hunger.

Heifer’s 60 years’ experience has validated its approach to hunger fighting. Recipients of animals have proven able to take charge of their own lives and to work with their neighbors to improve the local quality of life. They have frequently taken on leadership roles that have ensured better education for children, new, environmentally sound farming practices, cooperative marketing efforts and savings plans for better veterinary care.

Hilltop has been an active supporter of Heifer International for many years. To learn more visit the website at

Kenya Projects – The NEWTON-NAIROBI PARTNERSHIP is an alliance between the 66 churches of the Newton Presbytery and the Nairobi Presbytery in Kenya. Through this partnership Hilltop Church

·         Maintains a sister-church relationship with the Kaoli Presbyterian Church,

·         Provides student scholarships to allow primary and secondary school children to purchase uniforms and supplies so they can attend school,

·         Supports 3 evangelists in the Kangundo and Machakos areas who are bringing the word of God to a place that is isolated, hot and dry. We supply them with a bicycle and public address system when they start and provide their annual salary thereafter,

·         Supports a clinic that helps provide for the medical needs of the poorest of this region.

·         Helps to pay for and host annual visits of Kenyans to New Jersey and organize a trip to Kenya for visitors from our area.

Visit the website at

One Great Hour of Sharing – For more than fifty years, Presbyterians have joined with Christians throughout the nation in supporting One Great Hour of Sharing, responding to Christ's love for all people by joyfully sharing that love with people in need. The refugee and the stranger have found food and safe shelter; those stunned by the aftermath of disasters have found relief and help rebuilding; and communities seeking to take control of their future have found partners in development. Presbyterians' gifts support the work of The Presbyterian Committee for the Self-Development of People, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), and the Presbyterian Hunger Program. The hundreds of millions of dollars Presbyterians have given over the last half century have enabled a powerful witness to the love of the One who came that all might have life more abundantly. More can be learned about OGHS and the programs it funds at 

The special offering for One Great Hour of Sharing is taken at Hilltop on Palm Sunday each year, though donations are accepted year round. Additionally, the Mission Committee organizes special giving opportunities for disaster needs in the US and internationally through the PDA.


                       A worldwide humanitarian aid and development organization


Beyond Tears Worldwide - Beyond Tears Worldwide seeks to work with any organization that desires to provide humanitarian aid and development programs in a selfless way to overcome the immediate and long-term results of war; to alleviate the pain and despair of victims of natural disasters; and to bring hope to those who live in poverty stricken communities around the world. BTW is committed to providing long-term solutions for "our neighbors", which will improve their social, educational and economic needs, wherever they are found.

Robert Muir, a member of our Hilltop Church family, is a Co-Founder of Beyond Tears Worldwide. Over the past twenty years, Robert has gone on many different humanitarian aid trips, including the last five summers to Gorazde, Bosnia. Robert’s deepest desire is to see Beyond Tears Worldwide unite the disciples of Jesus Christ into fulfilling the Great Commandment of “Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself”, and showing the world that true love does no harm to its neighbors.

For more information, contact Harriet Muir at 973-543-4368 or visit the BTW website at


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