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Mission Statement—First Presbyterian Church, Mendham, New Jersey:

The purpose of the First Presbyterian Church is to acknowledge and proclaim the presence and power of God and to continue the work of Jesus Christ by loving God, God's world, each other and ourselves. We are committed to the growth of faith, the spreading of the good news, and the mission of caring for those near and far. We fulfill these commitments through prayers, study, sharing, teaching and serving.

The mission program of the First Presbyterian Church of Mendham helps us to be the serving church God wants us to be, and provides opportunities for us to be witnesses to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We support people, programs and ministries in the community and worldwide which spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and extend help to those in need.

The mission program at Hilltop Church is supported by the hands and hearts of members who are moved to give volunteer service to others in the church, in the community, in the region and internationally. The mission program is also supported by a “tithing” budget representing 10% of the church’s annual budget.



Some of the life-transforming hands-on mission opportunities carried out by Hilltop members in 2011 included:

·       Local: Community Soup Kitchen, Homeless Solutions, Interfaith Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, Neighborhood House Suited for the Job men's clothing collection.

·        Regional: Summer Youth Mission trip with ActNow to the Appalachia Area, Camp Johnsonburg

·        International: Youth mission trip to the Dominican Republic Beyond Tears Worldwide, Kasule Health Clinic

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