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The Session of Hilltop Church





Paul DeJong Amy Beal Ren Dussault
Bill Lowe Jeffrey Betz Cliff Lee
Stefanie Fox Laura Montenegro Tom Coffey
Fiona Stewart Nancy Fischbach Gavid Kerr
Chris Smith Jeffrey Borchert Thomas Porter
Wendy Whiting Jim Muir Kristen Turner


Session Committee Chairs

Buildings and Grounds - Jeffrey Borchert - Chair, John Moran
Nurture Education and Discipleship - Fiona Stewart - Chair
Cathy Malman (Children)
                                                        Per Ralamb (Adult)

Fellowship - Marcia Koch - Chair, Amy Beal

Steward and Finance - Bill Lowe - Chair, Harrison Boyd, Chris Smith

Membership - Laura Montenegro - Chair, Thomas Coffey

Mission, Service and Benevolence - Wendy Whiting - Chair

Personnel and Administration - Jeffrey Betz-Chair, Paul DeJong

Worship and Music Eric Balderson-Chair, Cliff Lee

Clerk of Session - Donald Eberhart
Associate Clerk - Paul DeJong
President, Board of Trustees -
Treasurer - Debra Houston
Assistant Treasurers - Dane Manchester, Jim Muir,


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