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Mission Star

From time to time, the Mission, Service and Benevolence Area of Ministry recognizes a shining example of such a life of loving service through the presentation of a Mission Star.  Today, on this very special day in the life of our church, we are honoring the many years of caring work by one of our members – an individual whose quiet dedication, whose wisdom, hard work, and talent have been given not only to our church but to the wider community continuously for so many decades and with such humility. 

Patty Heppenstall
Mission star 2018


Part of our Christian Education Curriculum is to teach our Sunday School Children how to help others through Mission Projects In which they can actively participate.   Over the past 8 years, our children have been ably lead by our next Hilltop Church Mission Star.

Patty Heppenstall has thoughtfully and conscientiously mapped out a Mission program which first focused on supporting Nomias, a small boy from the village of Musiriswe in Zimbabwe with the opportunity to attend school. Through the generosity of the children and all of you, that grew into supporting his sister, Oti. From there, Patty arranged for waterproof blankets to be made
and sent to the village. After that, the children raised enough funds for a goats to be sent to the village. The next year Patty thought big and encouraged the children to raise funds for a home to be built for the family. With the passing of the builder, the Sunday School children started sending funds to help the builder’s daughter, Serenity. The next year we sent solar lights to be
used by the village. Last year clean drinking water was brought to the village. This year we are endeavoring to supply the village with a way to sustain themselves with a beekeeping industry. In addition to the honey, hopefully the bees will make enough wax so both honey and wax may be used to be either sold or used by the village. These projects are all thoughtfully and carefully planned with loving kindness. With every project or communication, the children are encouraged to send a letter, note or draw a picture for Nomias and Oti. The Sunday School children also made prayer cards to give to each one of us giving us chance to bring these Zimbabwean children into our homes and care for them with our loving prayers. Patty keeps the whole village close to her heart with constant contact with Rev. Peter and the village.

This is only one part of Patty’s commitment to Mission. Patty also has an active role in the
Souper Bowl of Caring by organizing the Hilltop Pantry Day where families work at the Interfaith
Food Pantry every January. Patty also serves lovingly at the Community Soup Kitchen and at
Spruce Up Day at Johnsonburg.

Recently Patty worked with our church cleaning person, Maria and her husband Gerson to
complete an application for Habitat for Humanity. Maria and her family were joyfully accepted
and they are on their way to home ownership!

Patty, thank you for your true Mission heart and for your example to our children and to us all.

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